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Academy Of Music - PA | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


To call the performance a visual feast doesn’t fully encase the pure magnificence of the colourful WICKED spectacle, but it’s good place to start. From the exhilarating, emerald-hued journey into the Wizard’s famed home city – where a glowing green ensemble in magnificent garb are as striking as the formidable machine from which the wizard operates - to Glinda’s blinding bubble dress and that gravity-defying scene, the show really is a feat of production. The magical effects create an immersive atmosphere that’s as extraordinary for adults as it is children. What more do we need to say? Get your tickets here.

If you happen to be a Philadelphia theatre admirer - you’re at the right place! The enchanting and internationally renowned musical Wicked will make a stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to take the patrons on a premier adventure in the world of witchcraft. The exhilarating performance will take place on Saturday 18th November 2023, and the hosts from Academy Of Music will ensure each of their guests feels right at home from finish to start. With its sumptuous and rich pack of offerings the theatre doesn’t leave much to be desired - spacious yet cozy rooms, comfy seats, carefully designed lighting and acoustics, authentic interior and mesmerizing stage visuals to boot… Prepare to get your mind blown away and book your ticket today!

Wicked at Academy Of Music - PA

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