Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical at Academy of Music

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical Tickets

Academy Of Music - PA | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical

Academy Of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is super excited to be hosting one of the best Broadway musicals that has tickled musical fans across the world. First premiered in 2019, Mrs Doubtfire has taken the story of Daniel and his family based on the movie hit that was released in 1993. Daniel, a strained out-of-work actor discovers a role of a lifetime that teaches him the craft of being a good actor, but also the star qualities of what makes a fantastic father, and how that is the best role of his life. Surprizes and silliness explode within the family as they all go through the trials of life. It is both a tribute to the movie and a refreshing musical. Guarantee your seats without delay and enjoy Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical as it flies from screen to Academy Of Music stage this winter. You will love it, deary.

Your invite to embrace the Hillard family is here! On Wednesday 7th February 2024 at the Academy Of Music, the stage curtains will flutter open to reveal the much loved tale of Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical, as struggling actor and dad Daniel Hillard concocts a huge gesture that has his wife shouting the word, ‘DIVORCE!’ After the hard court proceedings, Daniel loses custody of his children. In desperation to have access to his three children more easily he fashions a character that will be a nanny for his ex-wife and children after seeing an advert that his ex-wife has placed.

Now, Mrs Doutbfire enters their lives with hilarious mishaps that change all of the Hillard family. Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical will have you howling with laughter as Mrs Doubtfire inadvertently teaches the entire family the true meaning of family and hurt, and the silliness of life. Who can doesn’t know that infamous line from the film of, don’t make me get the hose?! Or when Daniel plays with finding the perfect clothes and, of course, the right nationality, the perfect false boobs, dentures and stockings – what could possibly happen? Alongside the original score the songs will add even more humour and poignancy to the show, with tunes like ‘Make Me a Woman’ and ‘As Long As There Is Love’, showing all of the colours of emotion in navigating the joys of family. So, accept your invite to join in and say yes to enjoying Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical, you won’t regret taking the time out. The date to save is Wednesday 7th February 2024 at the famous Academy Of Music, Pennsylvania.

Academy Of Music will be a great venue to enjoy the show with its great setting and access to bistros and accommodation to help your time be even better. Make sure don’t miss out, and book your tickets before it’s too late and join in on the journey of Mrs Doubtfire, aka Daniel, and the rest of his family. It will be a pleasure, so book today!

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical at Academy Of Music - PA

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